Closet Organization - Clean Closet = Happier You

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The moment you try on an outfit and it doesn't seem right, what do you do? For myself, I simply toss the item somewhere in my bedroom & eventually it piles up and becomes my worst nightmare. I HATE laundry day & folding clothes in general, but the clothes in my closet are hung up nice & tidy.

I feel as if I have a British style bedroom. Its awkwardly shaped. 

Ohh my precious! 
I recommend a few simple things to begin this journey.
  1. COORDINATE. Whether it is color, style, or type. I use the "type" method because I don't have very many colors that are similar hanging in my closet. Either way you do, the concept of this to help you find what you need at ease. 
  2. CLOSETMAID. These guys are very easy to find at target, wal-mart, or even the hardware store! Price vary from place to place but I especially love the cubes. As seen the photos they actually come with 2 shelves that you can stack on top of another. I purchased two and stacked them and so I have 5 shelves. The bottom of this unit doesn't have a shelf so that you are able to stack a million of them. This cube also gives a custom closet look, without the price. 
  3. YEARLY CLEAN UP. Get rid of things you don't wear anymore yearly. You can sell them or donate them and have more space to fill. 
& if you are curious upon what is in my closet, take it look for yourself! It's free ;) 

Purrrr-sistance is key. Beauty is inside & out ~ Cathy 


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