In a nail style rut?

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Nails. We paint, file, trim, peel, pick, and split them. I love painting my nails, I find it relaxing as well as going out with your girl friends just to get a mani. Here are some ideas that are fun & trendy. 
#1 The Classic.
French nails are very well known, due to it's classic look. I only prefer french for occasions like weddings and so forth. Plus, a little birdie [Mask of Runway] once said that her then boyfriend now husband, loves the way it looks & pretty common for guys to like french nails.
#2 My favorite nail look! Gradient with glitter.  
 This look is easy to do, some find it hard but after a few practices you'll master the art of gradient nails. For this look, I used OPI Heart Throb as a base, its a french pink. Then I used Urban Outfitter's polish in After Hours. The trick is to emphasize the glitter on the tip and apply the left over polish towards the rest of the nail. There are other ways to do this look, though I find this method the simplest.

#3 Color Blocking 
Revlon Catty ^ & Sally Hansen Lilac}
This is probably the nail trend that is making a comeback. I haven't done this style since the 1990's yo! The trick is to use...wait for it.....BAND-AIDS! The cheap around ones, peel one off attach it to your skin a few times to make it less sticky and then place it on the end of your nails. Wa-la! Instant chic alert. Here are some more examples.

Maybelline Color Show polishes were used. I forgot the names...eeek!

Essie Turquoise and Cacos & Revlon Catty.
Revlon Raspberry Rapture & Revlon Catty
The trick for the design above is using tape, before applying it to your nail remember to place the tape on the back of your hand to make it less sticky. If you are able to free hand this...LUCKY!

I hope ya'll enjoyed this quick post & until next time ;)
Shine  On ~ Cathy 

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