Makeup Organization & Storage

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I'm in love with makeup, yes. I think you guys are too, yes? Well I finally filmed a collection video {shown below}! Also...its 5am central time & I am up! Story of my life (insomniaaaa! jk, i sleep in too much).

To an extent, I have either a lot of makeup to others or not as much. I am content with the amount that I have and I share it with friends and family. I giveaway what doesn't work for me as well, so makeup comes and goes. I think makeup enhances you & makes you feel beautiful, it shouldn't cover & hide everything up. At the end of the day, you are beautiful no matter what they say.
Enjoy the collection & I have fashion posts coming up soon!

<3 Cathy

Also, I recently became a Sigma Partner! Click the link below and join so you can be one too! 


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