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For the past week my room has been...well a mess. How it got to this point, I cannot explain. For the past week I've been in and out of the house, working on my website/blog {seriously have no idea what to officially call it}, and of course avoiding the situation of the avalanche of clothes fall from the baskets. Usually, the mess occurs right at the base of the closet and yet the closet it still clean, its just whatever is surrounding it keeps recycling in away. Let me explain, my clothes from the top of the basket then, some how made its way to the bottom a.k.a. it recycled itself get it?

I did clean most of it back up last night and when I woke up this morning everything felt at ease.
My Personal Best >.<
I remember someone asking me to do a "How I clean My Room" video and honestly it takes me hours to clean my room because I get distracted by little things. For example, my floor would be smothered in clothes and I would instead re-arrange the shelves in the closet first before starting with the bigger mess beneath my feet. Its unlikely, but why would I do that? The reason is... my cleaning philosophy. Its like Confucius cleans LOL. Anyways, to be motivated to clean the rest of my room I have to start somewhere basic and that starting point leads me to be OCD to the rest of my bedroom.

What else motivates me? Watching Room Tours on Youtube. Most recently MacBarbie07's newest room tour and her room is lovely. I swear I had to watch it 4 times in order to clean my room. Speaking of room tours, my favorite bedroom tour thus far is Swalker's bedroom.

Other motivations, music. This works only 50% of the time for me & since I clean my room at night its likely that my earbuds will be on full blast, enough to lower my sense of hearing. The last thing is that once I start cleaning, I want to finish what I started because I don't like leaving things a disarray.

In the end, after all the clothes I had to fold, things I had to dust, and clothes I had to throw in the hamper I can finally see my floor and that makes me satisfied. I'm sorry if this post was rambling on and on about cleaning my room, I just wanted to get that off my chest. I'm a messy person, I do like things organized ALOT. There will be days in which the mess prevails and I get the best of it.
xoxo - Cathy 


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