Birthday ideas: For Him

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made by me, loved by his family <3 #winning
My Mister's Birthday was on Sunday and it got me thinking "What do other people do on their Mister's [boyfriend, beau, husband, I call mine Mister lol] Birthday?" I don't ask my friends usually on ideas on to celebrate and I come up and my own like this cake recipe which I'll share O.< & its very yummy and fresh out the box!
{Cathy's Semi-homemade Strawberry Cake} >

[topics are bolded]
Gifts are not as important as you think, some guys don't mind receiving or not. However if you are looking for gift, its best to know him, like from infinity to beyond. Take notes when you are shopping with him. For myself, if I see something I like I show him and ask him if he likes it, then he goes off and tries it on to be sure he likes it. Just know that gifts can be at any price, there is no need to go all out unless the occasion is significant. If you do decide to spoil him, try to buy something that is worth while like a designer wallet because is useful & the men in my life beat or shall I say sit the living crap out of them.  Always remember, its the thought that counts.

Surprises & Things 
First off let me say creativity and being imaginative is always good. I also suggest its His day, if things don't go your way just let it go. Now I have came up with a few ideas over the years and sometimes its really obvious. Don't take the "I forgot your birthday route" its a no no. If you are planning on throwing a party PLEASE invite his friends too, I can't stress that enough. Lastly, if your Mister does not like surprises [trust me some do not like unexpected things] then don't be spontaneous and go with the plan.
For ideas if he has a big family and you are relatively close to them, invite them to a dinner and take him with you, but make him think its just the two of you. If you plan on staying home, there is nothing wrong with home cooked meals, unless you burnt it ;D. Eating a restaurant is nice too, just keep yourself at a budget. Personally, I always find those romanic comedies inspiration for ideas.

What to wear on his birthday?!
Just letting you know...I did not wear
my hair like that out in public xD
For Mister's birthday this year I was pretty causal. For events like this, it really depends on where on earth you will be going. I'm not a fashionista, but I know what I like. Dress for great for evenings, but to me if you are not going anywhere fancy or clubbing what is the point? Be comfortable, I wore jeans and a blouse, very classy right? Now, don't upstage the birthday boy...its about as bad as upstaging the bride on her wedding day. Unless he's cool with the attention going towards his girl [my mister does not like that] then so be it!
I usually go by a chart, my invisible mentally chart lol

1 - Jeans & a nice blouse for when its just the two of you on a date.
2 - A Dress if the event involves formal wear, a holiday, and family events. OR if its as hot as hell outside.
3 - Indecisive between the event equals a top & a skirt.
4- COMFORTABLE SHOES {OMG don't kill your feet.}

NOW this is what I go by, you don't have to listen to me if you don't like my ideas.

My Outfit - Blouse Aly & Kris, Jeggings Hollister, Shoes G by Guess, Bag Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC, Necklace House of Harlow.    

Cathy's Semi-homemade Strawberry Cake [not too sweet, just right] 

Thing you will be needing:
1 box of yellow/golden/ cake mix
1 box of fresh strawberries
1 cup of real whipping cream [in the carton, not the can or cool whip]
1 - TableSpoon of Powdered Sugar

Candles of your choice, I like the word ones!

1. Follow the instructions and make the cake, pour into a 8" or 9" round pan and bake accordingly.
2. After letting the cake cool for about in hour, lay it don't on something that will lift the cake up about 2"- 4" off the table/counter. Using a knife {long if you have one} slice the cake horizontally in the middle so that in the end there will be two round pieces.
3 - Whip it good! To make whip cream add the powdered sugar and the cream to a bowl. Use a whip tool [I really don't know what it is called...its like a gun with two egg beaters on them -.-] whip the concoction at medium speed first, then on high for about 2 minutes or until its thick and whip cream like. Over whipping would result in....BUTTER. LOL!
4 - Take the strawberries and rinse them in cold water. Let them sit on a towel to soak up the excess water.
5 - Take one of the 2 cake rounds and spread the cream, make the layer about 2 cm thick. Then add slices of strawberries.
6 - Add the last round on top and cover the cake with the rest of the cream.
7 - Decorate in any way you want! My picture is about if you would like an idea (:
8 - Let the cake sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour for the cream to sit & almost this makes the cake moist!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and good luck :)
Birthday On! ~Cathy


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