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Long time no blog! I've been taking a small break from blogging to figure out how to balance my life online at the moment. I'm a busy girl! School, work, videos, and posting on my website, as well as juggling friends and family.
I'm not complaining, its just default at times.
I love making videos and the responses and opportunities I have from making videos. I will continue to do so, for now I'm currently not in my video phase since school is slowing taking a toll on me, like wise things will be getting better soon :)

GIVEAWAY - So I have been sent a few things and I have not been able to feature them in a video or blog post. - I was sent a beautiful dress (partly shown in picture) from and I wanted to review this dress in a video but with school, I did not have time. Here are my overall thoughts about the dress:

1. I love how comfortable it is, its a very nice soft material.
2. The colors are very vibrant and candy like which is very summer chic
3. My only concern in that after I washed it, it shrunk just a little.

If you have not visited I recommend you do! Its affordable clothing for any girl looking to change her wardrobe!

Future Videos - I have a huge list of ideas that have been written out and they will be videos very soon. I have a few requested videos I need to finish off first before I start. If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to send an email or leave a comment.

Fashion Blogging - I post OOTD {outfit of the day} videos on instagram from time to time and some of you guys have said "Hey you have a website, do fashion posts!" and I don't know yet. I'm if-fy on the fashion blogging world because the outfits I would be wearing is for everyday, it has nothing to do with the fashion blogging community {which is HUGE}. I'll try my best to see how it goes, but let me know what you guys think.

High School Diaries - When I posted my "What's in my school bag" video I was asked to do a video on my high school life and I don't think I am ready to share my experience yet.

Organization - I clean my room a LOT! I'd love share my ideas on cleaning, organizing, and revamping as much as the next gal so bare with me and things will come forth soon!

I know this post is all over the place, but I need everyone to understand that I love what I am doing and I can't feed every mouth out there yearning for some thatgirlcathy brownies! Busy girl, living in a fast world & I am trying by best, I can't please everyone but I can please myself and most of my audience. See you all soon!
xoxo - Cathy


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