I'm Back! Hooray!

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As you can see from the title I am back! I've basically been on a no Youtube/Blog detox so to speak, but my schedule was making it complicated to film, edit, blog, and of course I get dozens of emails everyday. AND on top of all of my college classes... Which brings me to my next point, COLLEGE. So I've been more stressed this semester because I am not sure if I will be getting my associates by December or if I will be transferring colleges next year. So I want my grades to maintain that over 3.0 average so I can look forward to a bright future! Lastly, google has been playing games with my account but rest assure everything is okay now :) So this was just a quick little update, if you are wanting to stalk me around when I am not on Youtube or Blogging I am ALWAYS using twitter (OMGOSHcathy) and instagamin' (mygoshcathy) so you can take sneak peaks upon my daily/personal life styles. Until next, time I am off to film a video that I hope will be up tomorrow! I missed you guys so much, thanks for the positive messages, comments, and emails. I hope to fulfill the requests given to me very soon!

Love ~ Cathy


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