Je suis une princesse Innocent?

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When I was younger, I definitely thought I was of some royalty. I remember growing up with this plastic vanity set with fake lipstick and all those things and thought "Hey, I must be a princess"! My imagination obviously got the best of me though...

So recently I was asked to do a Disney Princess look and I honestly could not decide on one princess. Then I decided to create my own princess look & its insanely cute, I'm not lying.

^^---- Oh that crown on my head, its broken LOL.
It's from my 16th birthday tehehe!

I also am wearing colored contacts by NEO, in Glamour Brown. My experience with them so far...they are NOT comfortable. I think I'm going to  let them soak for a few days and see how things go, but for now they remain the worst pair I've ever had.

I am going to be editing a "Whoop I'm a Vampire" tutorial on thursday & upload it on the same day for everyone who isn't very into...cute. 
xoxo ~ Cathy


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