Spring Fashion Week 2013: Naturally Pretty

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I'm not a fashion connoisseur, but I  do notice makeup trends during fashion week more than I notice the amazing pieces going down the runway. Don't get me wrong, I notice the clothes, I'm just more interested in the makeup.

This year's spring makeup was something I have always loved...to sum it up, I would say it is pretty with an edge. Models were wearing colors that would define their natural look and to accentuate their youthful faces. This year's trends include doll like faces, defined eye brows, light or dark lips, and best of all...Dark nail polish.

Usually spring consist of using light airy colors, this year dark plums and reds was seen on nails and lips. If you are going to be trying this trend, pinks, reds, and plums are the way to go. If you are going to be wearing red, use a matte bright red like Tarte Amazonian Lipstick in Wild. Its deep, matte, and a total eye catcher.

Last year, I was super into the cat eye trend as seen on runway shows. So far, I've concluded that the cat eye will never die, but it was not used very much during the spring shows. Dark chocolate browns were used to darken the eyes, yet it was subtle. It gave the eyes a mysterious or shall I say invisible cat eye. Its catches your attention, yet its quiet and sexy. I recommend trying Drew Berrymore's new makeup like at walmart called Flower Beauty. There is a quad I am madly in love with called Foxy Browns, give it try its amazing quality.

The last thing I want to talk about, is eyebrows. The brows I have seen are slightly darker than usual. It gave the impression of a "every woman has her dark side" kind of vibe. Though I would never make my brows too dark, I did slightly darken them to fall on the new spring trends.

I am personally fond of looking natural. I hope you also enjoy the new makeup trends of the season to come. ~ Cathy


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