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Think of this as a diary entry. 

<< For the record, I don't consider myself a model in any way, shape, or form. Sometimes I like to experiment and see how things turn out. Whatever I learned from my modeling classes sophomore year of high school, are down the drain. I sound like a hypocrite huh? end this on a good side note; I use to model my sophomore year (grade 10) because I was 5' 6" and apparently I was tall enough to do tall enough people things. I stopped due to my mom not being able to take me places because when you are under 18 an adult has to be with you at all times of the day of the shoot. & Yes it was fun. No I will show you my modeling cards.
Hope that answers your questions/statements of me "Trying too hard". 

(any who)....I woke up at 3pm yesterday. I normally do not sleep in on a Tuesday, but I recently had the common cold. Thus I'm stuck taking these medications for the rest of this week. The medicine knocks me out and makes me sleep extra, which in terms is nice but not when I have loads to do. 

On Tuesday, I usually spend 4-5 hours doing college related stuff like homework. Then I film, edit, and upload. In-between I do things, go out, I eat a lot. 

Filming a makeup tutorial takes me about 20 minutes (specifically just makeup tutorials). 
Editing this video takes me 1-3 hours. 
Taking screen shots takes me 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I'm lucky to be done in 5 minutes. 
Prepping for videos either takes me a day to a few minutes depending on the look. 

& that's how things work. I'm trying to complain or anything, this is just to be informative. 
I remember someone asking me about lack of videos or something along that line & likewise, videos take time. My priority for filming videos is number 4. Family, College, Friends, Youtube. 

I have learned from previous experiences in life to not talk to your friends about your video/blog "business" life because it can effect your friendship in a bad way. Not because they don't care, its the jealousy of the matter. I'm not sure if I approached them the wrong way, but I didn't mean to. Sometimes I guess it would bother me and things just slip out and other times I do value the opinion of others so I ask. None of my circle film videos, so it's hard to express how I feel about things such as being sent something. 

Speaking of friends, I remember someone asking me about how my friends found out about my videos. It all started when I first uploaded a video and no one knew. After the first 3 or four, my boyfriend to my subscribed channel because at the time I did not have my Macbook and I would use his to upload videos. After that it was a chain reaction. My best friend subscribed and like I said it was a reaction that continued. I never told any of my closest friends I had started filming videos because I did not know how they would approach it. I'm happy to know that they do not judge me and they come to me for advice from time to time. 

Since we're on the topic of videos. I started doing videos around the time all my friends had a boyfriend. It was hard to hangout with them and I was bored. So I bought a camera and bam it started from there. I can say doing videos has really helped with my communication skills and I can finally speak in front of strangers in a classroom without stuttering the crap out of my sentences. 

Hope you learned a thing or two about me, goodnight world ~ Cathy

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  1. We're the same height! Its pretty tall for asians, isn't it? I love your blog posts! Anyway, I started blogging and doing some videos back in 2008 and I never told anyone whom I knew personally. I felt that they would just judge me. Even my ex back then didn't know about it, until I started receiving items that were sponsored by companies. So he was like, where the hell do you get those things from..So I told him but never told him my blog url. Haahaha. I started having friends online from different parts of the world and it felt nice having this secret but then later on my schoolmates started seeing my videos. Later on, I deleted those videos and kept my account private. Hahaha. I just didn't like being talked about and I was insecure I guess.

    1. I totally get you! My boyfriend questions me from time to time, but only when he's interested it something. Thanks for sharing, it made my day :)