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For the past few weeks or so, I've been having the most awkward of dreams. Basically to sum up what they are about ...these dreams are about two specific people. One of whom I knew in school and the other is someone I know of, but never actually met in person (shame.)

So the dream I had this morning was about someone I know, know. The dream was suppose to be a commercial set up, like how they produce it. I remember the building having about 2 or stories and we filmed in the basement of the complex. The one thing that stood out, other than the person was a music box which played a tune that I do not know the name of, but if I heard it in person I would know that it was THAT song. I woke up before we had a "kiss" moment. Funny thing about this dream...I have a dream about this person from time to time and its probably because I still have questions about my past life, I guess. Why else would it be lingering around all this time without a reasonable doubt? I guess things left unanswered for about 5 years leads me to dream about it, thanks subconscious.
The next dream, is about someone who I know, but never ever met before. I can only remember bits of this dream, which is why I am explaining it second. So I'm somewhere and my Mister is having a conversation to this person about me. The someone I know, but never met before...let's call him "Jay" on a count of his name begins with a letter J...any who...they are having a conversation about who wants me and Jay happens to ask permission to take me away. Mister, then sits behind and overlaps his legs around me and starts telling Jay things I honestly would think Mister would of never remembered. One of which was about how I like to hoola-hoop and that Mister never got a chance to buy me one. After a few convos, Jay lifts me up and takes me away and Mister says goodbye and hopes that things turn out for the better. With that being said, I woke up very sad and confused. And that's not even the funny part DUDE! My brother later texts me and says that Jay was born where he is currently residing and mind was caught off guard and couldn't put to words how AKWARD that was.
So I was contemplating both of these dreams, as well as some in the past and I came to the conclusion that my sub conscience is trying to tell me something and I have yet to figure it out. Both dreams have this thing, I can't explain what it is, but it connects the dreams...all the dreams I've ever had together.
With that being said, I've explained everything and now I am going to dismiss myself from this memory of my sub conscience.

I hope you have a pleasant dream, whenever you do so...Cathy 


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