Thank You! & More

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Holy WOW! I'm less that 2,000 away from my goal, which was a number I came up with when I first started doing videos. In the beginning, when I started to film videos it was just an occasional thing for fun. I did not get really into it until the time I re-did my bedroom. After that I loved creating videos and now I'm blogging, instagraming, and many other social media. 
Thank you so much! I don't even think thank you is good enough, I would probably hug all you :) 
Constantly, I am striving to be better and to do better each day when it comes to blogging and being on youtube. My list of requests are ridiculous right now, I actually have to tally mark them every couple of days...because I'm old school like that. 

This following week I am working on a few projects which I cannot mention at the moment, as well as editing some more prom videos. Keep a look out for them and I'll be sure to keep you all posted when I am able to announce my projects with you. 

- Cathy


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