Hey Kitty Kitty.

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It concerns me to introduce my blog with the same old traditional welcoming bandwagon so I'll skip that and make room for the more exciting things. If one were to stumble upon this new and design lacking blog of my own, I say "Bonjour, je mapple Catherine". Please, call me Cathy.
TheSoftMeow is a reference to the first three letters in my name. Okay, I lied.
It is actually a name I came across and it stuck to me like lipgloss & hair {& the wind, I might add}.
My forte is beauty {makeup}, interior design {DIY, organization, decor}, & fashion.

Dare to Never Bare. 

I'm proud to announce that this project was electrifying.

Target, my retail giant BFF. 
   With hopes of you finding me amusing and carefree, I cannot wait to show you more of me.

Purrrr-sistance is key. Beauty is inside & out ~ Cathy 


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