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Recently, I was browsing through my Facebook and I happened to stumble across a hidden gem, my old high school dance pictures. My reaction was subpar. Most of it was me yelling ‘OMG’ as I scrolled. I wished that I would’ve changed many things in order to actually represent my style today, first being the dresses, the makeup, and the hairdo.

When I was in high school, I was unable to define what my personal style was because I had no inspiration whatsoever. My style was basically ripped off by my classmates and the world of brand names everyone just had to have. So when it came to picking my dresses it was kind of like that and I wasn’t happy with the choices, well except for one. If I could go back, I’d tell my high school self to not give in to the ruffled and glittery strapless dresses.

Is there anyone who knows how to do their makeup in high school? Back when tutorials were non-existent, I did not know the techniques I know today. Tip for the future….BLEND GIRL! I swear the only makeup I knew how to do in the 9th grade was winged liner, mascara, and lipstick. If someone told me how blush or a little concealer would help my face out, it would’ve saved me some trouble during dances.

The one last thing I would’ve changed would have been my hairdos. I went through a couple phases with my hair and picking a homecoming hairstyle was tough. Overall, they were boring and needed color. Even if your dress doesn’t stand out, your hair can! I recently discovered Garnier Color Styler and I would have LOVED to use this for homecoming or a fall/winter dance.
Its great for a quick change in your hair game, plus its temporary so afterwards you can wash it out. I recommend using two colors that complement each other such as the Red Temptation and Bronze Attitude. I created a classic with a twist look featuring these colors:

If you decide to try this look, or another fun Color Styler look, make sure to post a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #FunnestGirl and you could have a chance to be crowned Color Styler’s “Funnest Girl in the World” and 72-hour spokesmodel! Every 72 hours a new winner will be chosen and featured on the Color Styler website and across Garnier’s social media. Be sure to mention why you deserve the title in your caption!

So if I could go back and update a couple things for my dances, I would definitely change my dress wardrobe, fix my makeup faux pas, and make sure my hair wasn’t just a nest on my head and instead had its own story.  

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with Garnier and Style Coalition.
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My room at home will always remain very girly, a mix of new & old, and Tumblr inspired. 
What is the general theme of my bedroom? I have no idea. I do however love to mix something new with character with something sleek. My personal taste in interior design, surprising, is actually industrial & chic. I have an obsession with brick walls, old houses, plain birch, and fire places.  
The Entry: My bookshelf is used as 2 functional pieces;
a room divider and a shoe/bag rack. A DIY on this piece
will be posted on my blog next week, followed by a how-to video. 

The Entry Part Two: My Mirror is a DIY 
which can be seen here. The rack on the wall is from Target. 
The Dresser: Was an exciting find on craigslist! See the original DIY 
here. For this room I painted it white for a clean look. I also thrifted 
the 'new' hardware for $15 online and painted them silver. 

Jewelry box is from Target. The little chairs are actually place card holders.
I got them as a gift from a KC Blogger event. 
DIY IDEAS: My floral arrangement can be seen here
My tray of goodies is an egg tray from Marshalls. 
(Secret: Written on my pig is L'argent Sil vous plait 
AKA Money please)

My headboard: A easy DIY project: 
I used crown molding to create a frame for my vintage Christian Dior scarf. 
I will create a DIY post for this project soon and link it here. 

I used gold fabric paint to add polka dots to my chair.
It's something small but adds character to the shabby chic chair. 

I will be adding more to this post in a part two as soon as I finish editing the pictures with details on where I purchased my bedding and more! 

New video, finally! I have videos that have been filmed months ago and I'm finally posting more of them since I have more time to edit them. I apologize for the lack of videos and posts, however I feel that I am finally back in the grind of things. I also featured a skincare company I quite enjoy in this video, Vain Pursuits*. If you click here you can save $5 on your first order with them (:

*Vain pursuits sent me the samples for consideration, I am not being paid on their behalf. 
  All opinions are my own. The link is an affiliate link. 

Items featured in this Video: 

Lately there has been a lot of hype over natural beauty products that have been hitting the industry for years now. With so many brands out there and no mainstream marketing, I have been unable to further my knowledge on what products are comparable to the makeup items I've using from the drug and department stores. It was brought to my attention from Vegan Cuts that there is a way to experience natural beauty regimens without having to think much about it. 

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly subscription that enables you to try out these natural/vegan cosmetics for $19.95 a month. They are loaded with brands I've personally have not heard of, but nether-the-less product names do not matter as the products are quite brilliant. The items in this box include a couple samples and one full sized product. 

Balanced Guru Energy Mist: The box is way excessive for such a small babble. I do however enjoy the mist as it is very refreshing in the mornings after my morning facial cleanse. 

Zabana cleansing bar and Enfusia are essential items for everyday usage. I have not been able to test these items because I am saving them for my future travels. I will say I am obsessed with the scent of the bath salts. The aroma is very similar to the scent of the Zum frankincense and myrrh soap, which is one of my all time favorites scents in the world. 

The Pacifica bb cream is a product I am very familiar with after receiving it in past beauty subscriptions. Its a very light coverage tinted moisturizer in my opinion. 

This is the only full sized item in the beauty box. I love this item so much! The Emani hybrid creme in 1042 Speechless leaves me without words. Its very versatile, though I've only used it on my cheeks. It leaves a nice hint of color and addictive glow when applied properly. 

The glittery specks do show up on the skin, but its not chunky glitter. Its very refined.
The glow will last a good 6-8 hours in summer to fall weather. 

The August Vegan Cuts Box was quite an experience for me, being new to the natural/vegan beauty industry. It has open up new doors for me personally, knowing that these items are just as fab as my essential items from the drug and department store. I can't wait to see what's in store for this beauty box! 

Hello All,

So for the past couple of weeks I've been having trouble updating my blog's URL.
As of today it is officially instead of 
for very unreasonable outcomes, I had to change it from .COM to .ME and I really would love
to explain the reasonings, but its just way too silly.

I've been taking a break of Youtube and Blogging to focus on my future with PR Marketing. It's safe to say I am back on it! The break was to figure out what I wanted to do with my last 2 years of college as well as to kind of figure out myself. It took me a while to realize that I am not going to re-invent myself to please people, I rather just be myself. I came to the conclusion that if viewers enjoy my content that I create then I do not need to the follow the trendy foot steps of others in order to get where I want to be. It goes the same with those who want to work with me.

It been a nice break, I'm currently editing a couple DIY videos and one very late Back to School post. As well as working on some fashion for back to college. I've also pre-filmed videos and have a couple projects I can't wait to share with all.

Keep a look out for more posts and fun.
I also made a Facebook Page to keep in touch with all of you!
As well as to add to my list of social media outlets, personally if it wasn't for that...I would not
have created a Facebook page.