What The Chevron Is Going On?

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The previous weekend I was randomly on Craigslist looking at furniture and I came across a heck of a deal on a dresser I could not pass up!

Basset Queen Anne Style Dresser by Vaughn Bassett  
It was listed for $100 but we lowered the price to $90 due to the fixer-uper details that couldn't be missed. After we took it home I began to look for inspiration and found a chevron pattern I adored and from that moment on I could imagine the potential.

 1. Prep: ^ The first thing I did was cleaned the dresser and used wood filler (hardware stores) to fill in any knick and cracks. 

2. Paint: > I decided to use spray paint over the tradition roll and can because I had a deadline to finish this dresser and to also move my old dresser to my Boyfriend's house. I did not prime it at all, simply sanded it a little and sprayed it like crazy. If you are doing this method, I recommend using either Krylon 360 Gloss spray paint with an amazing nozzle that gets the job done. The top of the dresser I painted sliver as a base for the chevron pattern.    

3. Pattern Part 1: < To create this pattern its basic geometry. I took a yard stick started at the front left corner of the dresser and made a right triangle. From there its like connecting the dots, every triangle should be a certain width, just use the yard stick to measure and to draw lines.

4. Pattern Part 2: < Now I took the left over black spray paint and spritz the top with 2 coats.

< 5. Air Out: Spray paint is known for the toxic fumes, let the dresser air out for 24-48 hours. Leaving a fan on or the garage partially open helps the process.


< 6 & 7Decorate: ^^ spray paint your hardware if you are planing on re-purposing them. If your drawers are dry from the painting, take them in and brush on from Mod Podge on the inside and cut out a pattern using either tissue paper or gift wrap and place in on top of the wet glue, then apply another coat and let dry for about and hour or two.
& Revealing When Done

Beauty is inside {Design} and out {Makeup} 


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  1. I really love your dresser i think i might try it!! <3

  2. Do u have to use mog poge because i dont know were to find it.

  3. could you just use normal black acrylic paint or something instead of spray paint?

  4. I bought my dresser new but now it has scratches on it and the white paint is fading, so I'm thinking of redoing it. Thanks for the ideas and tips. :)

  5. wow.. what you did its very amazing, i should try like this...

  6. i also might want to try dresser like yours... thanks for sharing

  7. Where is your bed spread from?

  8. Could you PLEASE give me the measurements of the dresser? Please and thank you :)

  9. Could you PLEASE give me the measurements of the dresser? Please and thank you :)

  10. And also for the mirror (if you still have it)

  11. Hey, could you please send me the measurements of your dresser? Please and Thank you :)