Chatty Cathy: Dumb things, My Dog, Investments

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Its late into the night and I cannot sleep. I suppose there is a lot on my mind...well not that I can think of other than these words that appear before me. 

*    *    *   *   *
I came to realize how dumb people are nowadays. Well, where I live I run into stupid people all the time. Basically...if you don't have a general sense of direction or the knowledge to back up your slur of words PLEASE, just shut up. There are times where I am confused or I can't create a good argument, but in this case its about really dumb things such as: 

1. The difference between salmon and tuna - Don't get started on this, I work with fish/sushi and if you have the nerve to consult me, then do it. You'll just look like a dumbass to your girlfriends. I mean seriously...tuna is red not orange '-.-'  "Use your noodle, use your brain." 

2. Hater comments that are trying to hurt you, but make no sense - What are you 12? Every other word was a cuss word. Don't make me use big ass vocabulary on you, I bet you'd be googling every damn word. Oh, try to google this one....DUMBASS {hahahahaha} 

3. Hater comments that you reply to and they don't have the guts to respond back - *High Five* 

4. When other girls talk about you {in a mean way} in a language you actually understand - I've only done this once {on my period day lol} I looked over, smiled, and said in the same language "At least I'm happy about myself." {Girls bully/hate other girls to feel better, in a general sense NOT all the time does this come to terms, but you know what I mean right?} & Do you want to know how they reacted?! Oh course, maybe ^_^ well...they are that gasp sound and told me they were talking about someone else, but CLEARLY it was me since it was too obvious that no one else...was asian in that store at that time except those 3 ding dongs and myself.  Busted... 

*    *    *   *   *
Meet Tobi, my doggy/puppy/pal. He's good at keeping secrets. He enjoys my terrible singing. & His definition of "Potty" means running across the street to the nearest fire hydrant. 
He's sleeping next to me as I type up nonsense. 

Tobi is my first dog and I feel that he has made my household happier. My parents never did want a dog in general, thinking they would be a messy. Tobi is exactly what they thought they could be and they have gone out of their way to loving him more and more as he goes into his doggy adult years. Its kind of humorous when I contemplate about it, sense they were so hypocritical.  

 *    *    *   *   *

So lately I've been pondering on investing in this bag that I've been wanting. In order to do so, I have to sell one of my other bags {marc jacobs} because: 1- the bag is too big, 2- I love it, but its heavy. I really want a Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 30. Been eying it a long time, but never bought one. I could, but I just never invested over $300 in a handbag. Its a mile stone, or is it stepping stone?

I'm officially brain dead - Cathy


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