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My Birthday was on October 29th, 2012 & I officially turned 21! In America, the legal drinking age is twenty one, which I am not fond of, but that is another story. I'm here to share my experiences of that day because I remember most it. FYI - there might be some graphic content that I will explain further on, so if you are not into those types of sicknesses...I warned you.

I began the day waking up relatively early which was unplanned since I would have actually would have slept in. I spent the morning with my dog catching up on things and then I ran to the mall to purchase $15 pumps at Charlotte Russe (they were having a sale) and a bra that would fit my in with my ASOS dress.

Then I went to turbo kicking class with my best friend who afterwards came over to my house to get ready for my dinner. My dinner was at this latin/mexican restaurant and I think there were about 12 people, mostly co-workers and close friends.

During dinner I had a glass of wine and I am honestly not a classy Cat because wine is not my forte, but like my co-worker said "You will like it with age" & she might be right :) although I could not taste the bitterness towards the last few sips.

Once dinner was over I opened my presents that I am very thankful for!
I received the following (that I can recall)

  • Disclosed amount of money from Mum & Daddy 
  • Giftcards from My Big Brother 
  • Handmade bracelet and forever 21 jewelry from Jillian 
  • Ciate Caviar Nail Polish Kit from Cassandra a.k.a. Wear2Day 
  • Watercolor portrait of my Pomeranian Tobi from Thai Binh 
  • Victoria Secret PINK skinny yoga pants from Tuyet 
  • Metallic Lace Top from Julie 
  • A singing donkey and two ceramic knick-knacks from Tom & Chung
  • Victoria Secret Gift card from Steven
  • Victoria Secret Gift card  from Chris & King 
  • & Countless alcoholic drinks.... thank you! 
When I was done with the gifts, my boyfriend surprised me with my favorite tiramisu from a local restaurant as a cake! It was yummy as always (:

After dinner we went to 2 bars...the one in which we work at and a local bar that specializes in martinis and has this amazing popcorn. I cannot tell you how much I drank, but it was enough to make me very very tipsy/faded. My favorite drink of the night...weirdly enough was the shots O.O"
Maybe I'm crazy! Oh and if you are wondering what kind of personality I have when I'm drinking...I'm miss giggles >.<
The aftermath of these countless beverages lead Tuesday afternoon. I woke up with a HUGE headache and I'll save you from the details but I threw up about 6 times. My dog was so sweet to me though! He followed me everywhere, sat in my lap, and gave me lots of kisses that day! Wednesday that headache was still there and it just made me dizzy enough to where I couldn't drive to school...same with Thursday. Friday-Monday I had a light headache, but I felt way better. Now I'm normal!

This was a super long post, I probably will not be re-reading it because I'm just lazy! Hope you enjoyed reading my journal-like entry :)
- Cathy


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