DIY Beauty: Brush Cleaning Glove (Sigma Spa Dupe/Inspired)

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So recently Sigma came out with a brush cleaning glove (Sigma Spa) that is suppose to revolutionize the way we normally clean our brushes. With the unusual textures and methods of using the glove it seems promising, until you see the price tag. It is a now $39 glove which resembles an oven mitten.

On a random occasion to Marshals, I stumbled upon a silicon glove with the intentions of not using it as a "Spa Glove" but for baking. Then after a while I realized that I would experiment and see if this regular glove could do what the Sigma Brush Spa can.

After two weeks of testing and deep cleaning all my well as watching and reading countless reviews I came up with a verdict.
It WORKS. Compared to the standard hand and soap method people have been using for ages, I found that using a silicon glove does in fact help with brush cleaning.

I usually have the issue of leaving behind unwanted soap residue without realizing it, until it was too late. Compared to the usual hand and soap method, I find this using a glove better. However, It does take me quite sometime to clean all my brushes I think in the end it is worthwhile.

So next time you are out and you happen to find a silicon mitten, keep in mind that it is not just for baking and canceling out heat.


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