UPDATE: DIY Ombre Hair

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{Do love the new video art? I'm proud yes...}
I want to start this blog off by saying...I am in my PJs and I am munching on my chicken & bacon mini salad in the sloppiest way possible. Why? Because I'm totally real ya'll. Get like me >.O LOL jk...but its true :( seriously...

Anyways today, I uploaded the long awaited tutorial... How To Ombre At Home. I decided to film the process of how I ombre my own hair this time around because I recently had 2 inches of hair chopped off {mostly the ombre} and it shows the process of how I basically redo it. Do check back to my old post about my hair here for more information if you are a newbie to at home ombre's. Lastly, I know a lot of subscribers and many readers of this blog have asked me to do so for a couple months now and I am totally a people pleaser.

So...what's different this time?


In the previous post about my ombre hair, the results were good, but I had to ombre it once more to make it to my liking. This time It only took me one try to get the results I longed since my haircut.
Please be patient with me as I gather pictures of my hair further show you the details.

I will say, there is a difference between what people think ombre is.
I've seen BAD ombre, which is basically the ends of their hair bleaches with no shade variations. Its just crappy yellow and black.
Don't consider you hair to be ombre, when its only 2 shades of CRAP BANANAS.

This is where the pigtails come into play...

I forgot who I got this from! I'm soooo sorry! :( 
Pigtails not only keep it less messy/fussy, but it naturally creates some highlights and low lights, giving us that effect we want. It also helps blend in the colors of the hair effortlessly with you actually realizing it. 

I will be back shortly with updated photos for you, until next time~


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