Melt It Away | Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser Review

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I find makeup removal is so vital, if I do not commit I will end up so unhappy. I mean think of the horrid things that would fall upon if you didn't wash off that foundation {clogged pores}, or wiped off your eye makeup gently {crows feet}, and worst of all...ACNE.

Which brings me to my next topic, which cleanser can pull off all the attributes of makeup removal without any harm done? Introducing my newest cleanser addiction by Boots No7, The Melting Gel Cleanser. This fella reminds me of asian oil/gel face washes because its not soapy yet still effective and gentle.

Let's take a peek shall we? {Insert holding hands and skipping}

Squeeze tube alert, which is quite nice. This product smells floral/like a baby.

To test this product effectively, I dabbed mascara, liquid liner, shadow stick, 
and eye shadows on my hand to demonstrate how amazing it is!

Just dollop, of cleanser! 

Cleansed, without water.

& With water, which turns it into a milky translucent color.

Rinsed and dried & cleaned! 

This cleanser is great for any skin type, especially those with dry skin. It removes makeup seemingly and without any irritation to my skin. The product rinses clean without residue. 

Quick FIY 
People with oily skin tend to drift away from oil based cleansers because they think it will clog their pores as well as the myth about mixing oily skin with oily products = chaos. Its not true, depending on the type of oil! If you have oily skin, your body is just producing too much natural oil. You cannot just excavate it completely, it would damage your skin's PH balance resulting in common reactions such as dry skin. Take note oily skin peoples, natural oil cleansers such as this or olive oil will not clog your pores, it will gently life away dirt and nasty things while leaving your skin moist. Keep that in mind ;) 

Overall the Boots Melting Gel Cleanser is effect and gentle, I love using it everyday especially around my eye area to remove mascara and liner.


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