Hey Cathy, are you...married?!

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I get questions about the ring on finger, ALOT. I remember explaining it before in a video, but I should reconsider explaining myself again. Let's get the most basic question over with...
Macbook quality, I will take real pictures in the future.
He did not "Put a ring on it" oh oh no he did not. Well, not the correct hand.
See in the [United] States, when you are engaged or married the ring is on the left hand. 
This ring is a promise ring, which is located on the right of my hand. 
He gave me this ring on our anniversary [one year together] & as did I. Some couples feel that promise rings are not necessary...I've heard it all the excuses;
  1. We're going to break up soon. [He said/She said]
  2. I/We cannot afford it
  3. It's cheesy 
  4. I don't not know what style of ring [He/She] likes

It is perfectly okay not to have a promise ring. If you are having an outstanding relationship with your beau or gal, a ring doesn't prove anything. Good relationships are personal, emotional, physical, & verbal.  

If you do have a ring, every outcome of how you received it is personal. It can symbolize how long you have been together or  a special event. Whatever the case a promise ring is temporary, keep that in mind. As life pulls you forward, that ring can be upgraded or thrown away. 

Beauty is inside & out ~ Cathy


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