I made the local Magazine/Where have I been?

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[**Blabber Blog, you've been warned**] 
Several weeks ago I was invited to attend a local fashion event with my friend Cassandra aka Mask of Runway [<- click to see Her in action]. I was invited to take pictures and to shop around after the event intentionally. The event took place at a nice restaurant out on the patio with a lovely view of a small lake. Cassandra was modeling for the event so she asked me to take pictures for her blog, in which I did. The event overall was okay, there wasn't many young people like myself at the show...it was more of middle aged and older [OMG is was hard to word that w/o sounding like an A.H.]. Likewise, the atmosphere was nice, the people were nice, and I felt like I was an eyesore/odd ball for attending.   

Lovely clipping of the picture & we match colors! I think its a "sister" thing. 
Speaking of the "Sister", we are not related, but we have almost the same connection like twins perhaps. Its a good bond and it makes me happy to have someone agree with me on some subjects and give me common sense on other topics like work [we also work together!].

Lately I have been enjoying summer, the lack of videos must show that...eekkk >.< ....
I am going to be posting more this upcoming week, I have so many ideas that need to be spread virally! I do enjoy the time off to socialize. I'm now ready, however, to get back in the game and film straight away. I have a list of the most requested videos I have not filmed yet & will be soon. BTW...I'm terrible with requests, I have a huge list to fulfill and sometimes its either not the right time and place to do it.

  1. Updated Room Tour - I'm working on the kinks & adding new things...its exciting! 
  2. Vanity & Makeup Collection - The way I am storing my makeup isn't efficient enough for me to show, I'm trying to make it better before I showcase it. 
  3. Skin Care routine - I change my routine a lot, still testing out new products before I am film this. 
  4. "Get to know me better"/"Questions" tag - Message me questions please! 
That is all I have to blog ramble about for tonight. 
Beauty is inside [interior design] and out [beauty]~ Cathy <3


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