How-to/DIY Necklace Holder!

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I love shopping for crafty pieces with functional usage. Just the other day I was at World Market and there was this amazing framed board with what appeared to restoration hardware hooks that you can use to hang jewelry pieces. It costs...$99.99 >.< the heck?! I shook my head right away and told my boyfriend I could make one myself and thus this blog post began. 
The idea of this DIY actually did not come from this experience. I was wondering around eBay and esty to come across a necklace holder for sale for $30-$60. I enjoy craftsmanship and one of a kind pieces, but I knew that i could make one of these on my own.

Fabulous, Functional, Fun. All the F's lol! 
I went to my local craft store & target to get supplies to create ^^^^.  I can still remember the pain from wrists after completing this, but it was worth it. Total cost to create this...$12 depending on where you get your supplies. The one I made was customized to my needs because I simply do not own much jewelry. If you have a variety of necklaces that needs to hung you can make a bigger one & the best part is that its inexpensive. This piece can also last a long time because its wood and hardware which is way better than expected from a handy dandy craft.

The DIY video will be posted here sometime Thursday evening to Friday night. In the meantime, run to the craft store shop my dear! Here is what you will need:

  1. A wooden plank, board, at least 1 1/4" thick - you can also paint it however you like. I kept mine {see above} white and simple. 
  2. 1 1/4 Cup Hooks - These come in various finishes. The ones that I used have a oil rubbed bronzed look which ties in to my decor. If they do not match your decor, feel free to spray paint the hardware its totally worth it!
  3. Thumb tack - Normally before you put screws in the wall you drill a hole. Since we are dealing with something smaller a thumb tack and some force will do the trick. 
  4. Picture hanging hardware - To hang your piece of work of course! :P 
The one I am making in my upcoming video is for a dear friend who I miss dearly, Cassandra! Good luck making one yourself and yes this does make a great gift for any jewelry lover!

<3 Cathy
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