Foundation In the Summer?

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Yes that's right. I know most girls tend to make their lives easier by wearing tinted moisturizer in the summer for coverage. It is possible to wear foundation, get the right coverage, and have a barrier from the sun.

The Products:

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray by Skin Skindinavia {$34 at Ulta, Sephora} -
This product WORKS if you follow the directions. I have combination skin in the summer and this has truly been a life saver. This spray when used, is going to keep your face looking matte for the most part.  I bought this big sized bottle because I thought the $24 one wasn't a good deal when compared to the $34 bottle. Oh and the lasting effect in the summer heat for me, is about 6 hours or so.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup/Foundation SPF 20 {$9-$13 at drugstores} -
I recommended this product to all my friends because I LOVE this foundation & I'm personally not a fan of foundation. To me foundations are heavy and inconsistent. This product however goes on easily and feels like my true skin. If you love Laura Mercier cosmetics then, you will defiantly enjoy this foundation. Its from the drugstore and it cost $29 LESS than Laura Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation.

Skinfood Red Orange Sun Pact SPF 50 {$12 - $20 Online, Skinfood stores}-
I am still new to Asian Cosmetics, however I am not new to the Skinfood brand. This powder is basically like slathering on sunscreen, but less heavy and easier to apply throughout the day. This will block UV rays thus your face will maintain itself. It also has this lovely orange scent. Against my skin tone its pretty light, however after blending, it seems to oxidize a little bit.

Revlon Photo Ready Powder SPF ? {$11-$14 drugstores} -
This is my favorite foundation setting powder. Why? Because it doesn't look caky and it give a natural finish. Its acts more like a translucent powder than a full coverage one. It also enhances my looks in film and photo well.

Sigma F80 Kabuki HD Brush {$16}
I recommend this for blending foundation, its a great brush! Very soft and I notice that it blends way better than my ELF Power brush, which a also a flat top brush and soft. The different between the two is that the ELF brush is bigger where as the Sigma brush is smaller which is probably why it blends better. The quality of the Sigma brushes are incredible, I have never had a brush this perfect since my MAC brushes. This brush is also Animal friendly (:

Crown Brushes Large DUO Fiber & Angled -
I purchased a limited edition brush set by EnKore a.k.a. Koran last year. I enjoy the set, some of the brushes are not as soft as I would like however I use them because I have them. The Duo Fiber brush is very soft, the angled brush is kind of scratchy on my skin.

So if you in need of some extra coverage for an event this summer I hope you give this a try.


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