Sexy Bedhead Hairdo - Cathy's Signature Hair Look!

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Are you the type of person who usually wakes up late and never have time to style your hairdo? Have no fear, Cathy [me!] is here to save the day! This is a heatless trick to get your hair wavy & curly at the same time, as well as give it some volume. Now I know what you are thinking "3 in 1, are you FOR SERIOUS?!" Ahem... yes I am.

There are these fazes I go through with my hair and this style is easy for me because I never have time to actually style my hair during the day time. I shower at night because during the day time after you shower you will still end up feeling gross by the end of the night, especially in the summer.

Wavy & Curly = Sexy Hair!
I've been getting a lot of requests for my hairdo lately so ta-da! Blogging about it!
This style is very easy and I recommend you do this at night with slightly damp hair. If not, you can try it with dry hair, just leave it in longer. ALSO, this is great for you non-everyday hair washers.

Step 1 - Prep your hair. I like to apply 2 things. First being the Umberto Beverly Hills Curl Enhancing Lotion. This product controls the curly and waviness of your hair, making it easier to style yet boosting it so that it will last throughout the day. Second, depending on my mood one of these two products; The Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Style Cream or the Bed Head After Party smoothing cream. These products are available at drugstores, speciality stores, and salons.

Step 2 - Gather up your hair to the top of your head, think very high cheerleader ponytail :)

[Please note! I took these pictures of my Macbook Pro so the quality isn't exactly amazing, but it was quick and easy to upload ...which is exactly why I enjoy taking photo booth pictures. Color and lighting is atrocious...I know! I can't do anything about it so I'll just live with the fact that my lighting will never be perfect :'( *Sadness* ]  

Step 3 (below)- Twist your hair all the way to the ends. The looser you twist, the wavier your hair will be. The tighter you twist, curls will be appearing more likely than waves. I keep it at a medium twist to have the best of both worlds, so to speak. I also spray the twist with Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Perfector, just smells so freaking awesome and it as argan oil which is great for the hair! 

Step 4 - Take the twist and wrap it around the top of your head until you create a bun. Then secure the bun with an elastic. I usually tie it around twice, if its too tight it ends up looking horrible.

Step 5 - Sleep it off and un-tie your hair the next morning!

Wake up and unleash the sexy bed head hair! You can thank me later ;) 

xoxo - Cathy
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