My First Glossybox! July 2012

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Last year I was watching a video on GlossyBox from this guru from the UK and I was instantly jealous of how they had amazing products. Since then, I have subscribed to them last month as well was Birch Box, but I will do a post on that later. Glossybox is a $21 subscription service which sends you beauty products every month. Its origin is from the UK and products here and there are totally different. I would prefer the UK box over the USA box most days.

I can say that everything was packaged so well, I'm enlightened by it and I am also keeping the box hoping that it would be useful to me someday. Here are the items that came inside my box:

Sweet Geranium Lip, Face, and Body Balm - Full Sized
Blushed by Ruddy Water Fragrance - Sample
Senna Luminous Lipgloss Duo - Full Sized
Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm - Sample
Sebastian Color Ignite Shampoo - Sample
Sebastian Color Ignite Whipped Conditioner - Sample 

With the products overall for my first Glossybox, I am not impressed. 

Senna Luminous Lipgloss Duo - 
This Product was something I had to think about. First, I wasn't happy about my color selection. One end was a gold pearl gloss and the other was a mauve with gold glitter. I have not opened the gloss duo yet, simply because the colors aren't for me and I think my best friend will like them better since she is into mauve color lip products. 
I would have wished to receive Moon Dance or Doubled Dipped.

Product Value - $22.00   
OVERALL -  Disappointment 

Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm - 
I see no excitement for this product honestly. It smells pepperminty on my heel and absorbs rather quickly. The lasting effects of this product I cannot say because I have only used it for a few hours, however its alright. I am not going to be purchasing a full sized product however because there are different products out there in the drugstore that are affordable and easier to grab and go.    

Product Value - ?
OVERALL - Decent, but not worth buying again
Blushed by Ruddy Water Fragrance -
This sample, is actually brings back memories. The scent reminds me of an old perfume I used to use in high school called Refuge. Its a sweet, sugar, vanilla...with a kick and I adore the scent! Its actually sweet enough for me, because I hate the Pink Sugar scent. 

Product Value - ?
OVERALL - Delighted by it, would purchase it!

Sweet Geranium Lip, Face, and Body Balm -
The scent of this product reminds me of something I have used before from Love & Toast. Any who, this item is okay...I don't hate it and I don't love its just OKAY. It has this lemony citrus smell and the taste is almost nothing on the lips which is good. For the size, its enough for my lips and face, but not for my legs even though it did  good job moisturizing it.

Product Value - $3-$4
OVERALL - Its alright, wouldn't re-purchase it again though

Sebastian Color Ignite Shampoo 
Interesting product, it smells like any shampoo really, but when you use feels nice in the hair. I can't really describe it too much since everyone washes their hair differently, but what I like to do is use a dime size on my scalp only and use conditioner on the rest on my hair, avoiding the top of my head. I have colored hair and for this product to work well I would need more time to test it out.

Product Value - ?
OVERALL - Need more time to test out in order to repurchased 

Sebastian Color Ignite Whipped Conditioner -
I would like to say this product was the most fun out of the others because it was fun messing with it. A foam conditioner is so kiddish, but enough of that. I found this product better than some conditioners but equal to others so its a 50/50. I cannot say much for the fact that it helps keep my color in place, however I don't think I would purchase this product since it has a familiar effect on my hair. 

Product Value - ?
OVERALL - Would not repurchase, but it was fun using it 

I am hoping the next Glossy Box is amazing or else I might just cancel the boxes and stick with myglam and birch box {they are $10 a month}. 
xoxo ~ Cathy  


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