What's In My School Bag/Room Plans!

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Its been a couple days since I've blogged and my goodness I'm extremely happy with the traffic coming though while I was away. Any who, school just started and I'm in my "Video Mode" where I just want to film and upload everyday but its unfortunate that I cannot do that. Speaking of school I recently uploaded a new video on my main channel.
Exactly 11 months ago, I filmed a video like this...like holy cow! Looking back, I can honestly say I've changed a little in the way I film videos. I still feel like on certain days or certain videos I do not look my best, but I shouldn't complain since everyone can feel insecure about themselves every now and then. Its just how I feel. 
Next topic.  Room Plans. 
I have not planned on leaving my parents house yet, I feel at ease here and I am not ready emotionally to leave it. I mean I've lived here since 2005 so I guess its an attachment. My friends have told me its kind of pointless to decorate my room since I will be leaving one day, but I am a person who thrives off their environment. Example, if people are happy around me, I will be happy. 
I've been doing a little project, I've been trying to create a reading/study area near my closet because I no place to do these things in my room and I hate adventuring out to do so. Stepping up my game, I am working creating the nook I was too dumb to create years ago! 
If you have any ideas let me know, I'm still debating on what to do. 
Ciao - Cathy   


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