Maroonin' Everybody & Pop of Blue OOTDs!

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I added these photo to Instagram the other day & I wanted to let you guys in on where I got each piece of clothing. My Instagram username is MYGOSHCATHY ;)

Outfit #1 - 
Maroonin' Everybody

Top - Ali & Kris from Tj Maxx
Belt - Rose Gold from Forever 21
"Skirt" - Actually a dress from Forever 21 I had purchased over 2 years go!

Outfit #2 - 
Pop of Blue*

Top - Striped Sweater by Poof, from Tj Maxx
Outerwear - Giant Knit Cardigan from Target
Belt - Rose Gold from Forever 21
Blue Shorts - Forever 21

If you guys like these outfit posts let me know and I'll do them more frequently on instagram! I know come of you have suggested posting on or something but I'm totally NOT a fashion blogger kind of girl yet so I'll stick with basic posts :)
Love ~ Cathy

P.S. Current Video Alert! 


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