Make Me Over - A New Layout for a Better future!

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Hello world! I'm currently updating you on several things that will be happening to my website, just so that in case you come across it in the next couple of days. Ahem..I am currently under going some maintenance for my site. I was happy with this site to begin with and I wanted it to be different. Its actually harder to organize that I thought, so I am going to redo the entire site! O.O

So yes, it's time for a makeover ;)

Here are something things you can expect of the Newer
All of my posts will remain the same, I will be moving things around and adding ways to make the site more interactive with you all! I know the site as of now is kind of confusing to some of you & I totally understand!

Here are a list of features I am hoping to have for the makeover.

  • More organized posts that are easier to find.
  • An interactive section of the website that shows all my videos here, so that you don't have to go back and forth to youtube.  
  • A store? I see one in the future, some of you have asked about TheSoftMeow & this is actually the name of a future store that is currently taking many months of planning to do. I won't give anymore details other than that ;)
  • Active form on the site to talk to others who read the site as well as me getting to know all of you! 
Change is good, it is like a brand new haircut! Hope to see you soon - Cathy <3
P.S. - New videos will be posted on Sundays & Mondays in the future! 


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