DIY 3 in 1 Organizer

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Hello everyone! As promised, this blog post is all about instructions on the DIY 3 in 1 Organizational Rack/Unit.

  • Nail Polish Rack
  • Letter Filer 
  • Makeup/Accessory Storage
This project is a great way to re-use and recycle your left over boxes, in this case I used glossy box boxes.

What you will need:
  • Box Lids
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Balloon Ribbon (optional) 
  1. Stack the lids on top of each other and assemble a tower that fits you and your items best. My first two lids (as seen in photo) are arranged 2-3 inches width wise. The top and last lid is a free size.  
  2. Glue straight across each row. After it dries, glue the back two sides. 
  3. Use balloon ribbon to conceal glue lines and marks. 
I hope written instructions were a bit more useful then my word of mouth instructions on the video. Good luck and enjoy! Also see the video for the different methods of using this! 

P.S. is doing a giveaway that ends on November 16th! To enter, go to their Facebook page (Click Here!) and click like! The rest of the information is also on the site. Good luck :)


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