Blabber Blog: I DO NOT photoshop my pictures.

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Picframe used. No filters, just natural sunlight.
For about two months now, I have been getting e-mails about how "fake" my pictures are and nonsense along that line. Honestly, these girls are just going through phases in life and do not look at the facts before presenting their inconclusive details about me.

I do not photoshop my pictures and I mean photoshop as in changing my appearance such as my nose or hiding a pimple. There are occasions in which I use Instagram and I use the filters provided, but that does not alter the shape of my face. I sometimes change the lighting of the picture because face it, it's horrible, and again it does not alter my face shape. In Asia, it is apparent that females try to have a perfect "V-line" or I call it DOUBLE CHIN.

Its not like I having something to hide. It's kind of insulting to even point fingers and accuse someone of distorting their own images to make them appear better. I am not better than anyone and I am not below anyone. I am me and that is that.

If you want proof, I film videos...yeah so, do you think I know how to render my chin in videos? Didn't think so. Is that even possible?! There are so many frames and angles...

The accusation to me are just words that jealous girls came up with in order to bring me down. For the record, I'm not a little child. I do not behave like a jealous child by going around starting drama. Also, I have never ever ever in my life undergone surgery for health or cosmetic reasons.

We are beautiful the way we are and words from mean girls...honestly.... I'm curious about how much time they have up their sleeves.

~ Cathy


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