There is a Hair in my Book.

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So this week I was able to film and upload two videos in a week back to back and I dare say...I am proud of myself <pats back>. The two videos uploaded are requested videos.
I have a list of the requests and I am about 10 more videos away from completing my commitment list.

The one thing that surprises me, is that both of these videos are not on the same line. One is  beauty related and the other is along the lines of my personal interests. Enjoy.

Lazy Waves and Curls w/o Heat
I've been scoring this hairstyle for a couple months now and the trick is pretty easy. I'm a late night shower-er and if I am tired there is little to no time before I pass out. Which means I have no patience to blow dry my hair. Therefore, after adding a few products and a hair tie to wrap things up makes me feel...complete. Who doesn't love sexy bed head hair? Its quite fab.

What's On My Bookshelf?
Its apparent that I was committed to reading tons of books in high school. Nowadays, life is complicated but I would love to get into reading more books. I do not mean the electronic ones that appear on my iPhone 5...I like real paper hardback books I can lug around, toss, and possibly spill coffee on. I'm actually getting into reading books that take my mind into a different era in time, specifically the past like victorian era (think Pride and Prejudice). I do love romance novels that aren't so...Nicholas Sparks. After filming this video, I ran down stairs to gather novels that reflect me and not my tween past.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!~ Cathy


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