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This was much requested in past few hours following my other post. I actually do not want to do a video on these items simply because it seems like people are usually bragging in videos and I don't like to wave whatever I received in someone's face. This post is  a "This is what I received" and that is all. If you do not like these kinds of blog topics then feel free to exit. I will also be including what I did that weekend! This will be a long post...sorry not sorry!

So there are two different types of gifts this year. I received post christmas gifts and then are are legit christmas gifts.

Post Christmas Gifts

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot TOTE Bag (MINK) - (View Here) The image is the wrong one xP

I actually got this a month ago as a early gift. I was looking online randomly and found a really good deal on this bag on eBay. The seller had bought this bag and has left it in her closet for six months. The bag is worth $438, but I got it for $160! Its a wonderful bag, it exceeds my previous Q Hiller Bag, also by Marc Jacobs. The quality is just better in every way and it comes with a messenger strap which can change the look. What I like the most about this bag besides the quality is that it is not screaming "Look at me I'm a Designer bag!!". Which is why I love Marc by Marc Jacob handbags, they are good quality and minimalistic. Need I say more?  

Apple IPad Second Generation (Black)
This gift was a big surprise from my Mister (boyfriend, but I call him Mister because I can). There is a story behind this actually...three months ago we were deciding on investing in one to share. After our three year anniversary had passed he was acting quite strange. I was laying in bed one day and he came running in with it and said "Happy Anniversary!" :) 

Christmas Gifts
I won't detail these too much {maybe...}except for the first two since they are from my family. I won't be including my dad's gift because I don't feel like telling the world what it is :) 

Mum - As seen the image about and here, she got me this cute little bag. So I need advice...I like this bag, but I'm not a fan of the giant CC kind of bags anymore since I like minimalistic kind of bags. My mom told me we could go exchange it for a wallet because that what I really want, but I get the guilt  feeling whenever someone does that since they took the time to find it and buy it you know? Help me out!
Brother - Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card, funny thing about his gift is that he never knows what to get me and I never know what to get him. Like ever! I think this is the first time in a long time my brother has decided to spoil me because he recently got a job in San Francisco California and he got engaged to a girl I actually like. I guess that's cool, I am his only sister! ;D   
Mister's Little Brother - Nike Running Shoes, they actually are a size too small for me. He bought this brother a matching pair so that we could match but his is also a size too small. He told me I could exchange it for whatever I wanted, but every time someone tells me that I feel so guilty! 
Mister's Cousin - Express Dress, its adorable! She knows me so well. I posted a picture of it on instagram a while back. 
Cassandra - Zara Dolman Style Top with a leather-ish trim, which I love! She's actually moving to Dallas soon which makes me sad, but excited for her at the same time. What a weird feeling >.<! I got her this glass jewelry box for her precious things. 
King - Panda Z Toys, Okay so I have never ever heard of such a panda in my life...ever. He was my secret santa at work which is how I obtained the gift. He also said it was a part of his childhood and feel bad when I say I never seen it in my life. It is very cute though, it looks like a panda transformer. My best friend, who is obsessed with pandas, hates me for it. 
Julie - Colored Skinny Jeans, Tank, and Bracelets, she got me an outfit basically. I'm not sure if I can pull of the color of the skinny jeans, but I'll try!
Chris - Dream Necklace, I'm not sure where to wear it (LOL). Its adorable though. 

I think that was everything, I am missing some presents because there are some late gift givers out there, but that's okay.

What did I do?!

So the weekend before Christmas I went out of town to a smaller my future sister in law's place (hint hint). My brother announced their engagement at the dinner, informally I should say. Well, I'll let you be the judge...So he stood up with a ceramic bowl and chopsticks and clinked it a couple times and then formally announced that he had asked her and she said YES! It shocked us all, but I knew it was coming...I got some good telepathic powers yo :D
& what else...oh we ate a ton. When two mom get together to cook, they dish it out! 
I couldn't sleep at night because I was in a new place that I am unaware of. I spent the night watching Son's of Anarchy (SOA) and I got Mister addicted to it. He's been watching it for the past idk...3 days? 4? Like I said I don't know. 

We came home on Christmas Eve and later that night we went over to a friend's house to have some fun. I finally got to have some non-dry, non-chruchy wine (thank you Cass)! It made me hyper and happy it usually does >.< ...we played a new game called Sh*t head. Its basically a drinking game, but we did not do the drinking part very well. We were all still sober and happy. I learned how to play pool, kinda...I still suck at it. I mean it's sticks and balls...whatever! 

Tomorrow is Friday...I mean today is Friday holy crap! I work in about 10 hours...POO!


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  1. The meaning of the gift is more important than the gift itself ... anyways cute gifts :)