Goodbye 2012, Tomorrow is Just Another Day!

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A few hours from now, those of you reading will have stepped into another year. As we step forward we think back on all the things we did this year and ponder about what is going to happen next. As I venture onto another I hope I am able to accomplish what I intend to and learn more about myself.

A milestone, 2012.

I turned 21! Though the legal drinking for America is as crappy as getting into my first "not my fault" car accident. I gained new friends and a lost "friends" on facebook whom I never talked to in my life. My Mister and I made it to our 3rd anniversary and without him I wouldn't know what to do with myself. My dog turned a year old and he is some ways is like my child except he's potty trained (HAVE MERCY).
Okay so where am I going with this?
To be completely honest...I'm just typing down memories. Things we remember this year and the years to come will always come back to us whether its a flashback, a conversation, and even in our dreams. I'm wishing you all not a Happy New Year, but the confidence so that you can have for a better tomorrow. It maybe 2013 in a new hours, but after the celebration is over, its just another day.

xoxo - Cathy


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