The BB Cream Debate & Review {Missha & The Body Shop}

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Which One Would You Try?
BB creams have been the rage in Asian and have recently made its way overseas. Since then, I find that the BB creams in America V.S. Asian are a down grade to say the least. I hope this review gives some extra knowledge and saves you come extra cash. & I want to let you know what I am writing about is knowledge I already learned, I am not a doctor of any means, and this is my own thought on these products. I am so not being paid to do this review.

The Difference
My concern with BB creams starts at this comparison & overall factor:

Asia - BB Creams are Beauty Balm with skincare benefits.
America - BB Creams are Tinted Moisturizers meant for some coverage and some sun protection.

After observing the drugstore and seeing the reaction of the new overseas BB creams, my hopes in wanting to purchase the American version has decrease. Even those who are extreme makeup junkies who like the American version of the BB cream have no knowledge that they could be spending the same amount of money on an Asian brand and get better skin V.S. not getting anything else but poor coverage and oily skin. The American BB that is strikingly similar (not to be confused with the ones in the cosmetic aisle, I'm referring to the ones in the Skin Care aisle) to the Asian one costs more at a local drugstore, which makes since because it's made on our soil, but is it worth it? I don't think so.

American BB Creams I've Tested sample sizes of $9-$14 versions from the drugstore & they do no contain anything skin benefits except for sunscreen. Though that is important, I crave for more than just mediocre coverage. Example, the L'oreal BB Cream seeks to just improve the outer appearance of the skin, rather than actually helping to fix it underneath. The Garnier is probably the one that appears to be a legit bb cream, except it does not have again the legit skin care needs such as anti-aging.
I would be repeating myself over and over again if I keep comparing, so let's just move on and call it a day. OVERALL, American BB creams are false advertisements, they are not a BB cream, and they are more like a tinted moisturizer. The only good thing...the shades they have produced. I just wish the American version of the cream didn't butcher the name BB cream for a tinted moisturizer.

Asian BB Creams - BB creams became the rage in Asia because of it's skin care benefits. Yes coverage is nice, but what happens underneath that layer is what keeps the BB Cream market in Asian growing and wanting to be better. Whether it is the cute packaging or whiting (for paler skin), every woman indeed wants a piece of that BB. I can break it down easy for you as well...
While providing coverage and making the skin appear better, it has ingredients that perfect the texture, color, and over all appearance of your skin with time as if you were using a skin care regimen. Asian BB creams combine skin care and coverage together to make life easy for the everyday woman and male (yes they make BB creams for guys...shocking)

These are products I have tried, tested, and even worn everyday. 
All opinons are my own. The Body Shop BB Cream was sent as a gift from a friend. 

Missha Perfect Cover BB #23- $9 eBay/50 ml
Pros: Medium to Full Coverage, SPF 42, and for every skin type. Cons: Strong Scent, Transferable.

{red tube pictured above} This was my first BB cream ever and at first I did not like it, but I love it now. This is probably the thickest bb cream I have ever used, the coverage is very true medium to full. It starts off grey and it takes time for it to oxide and match your skin tone. It feels a little heavy and it has this really strong floral scent my friends and I dislike. I usually set my BB creams with the Lancome Duo Finish, but with bb cream and it's coverage I use an HD powder. If you don't set this bb cream it will rub off onto people's clothing if you hug them, just a warning. Overall, in the winter this BB cream is go to, not so much in the summer. The price for this on eBay ranges from $5-$12, some come with a pump and some do not. The one with the pump has 50 ml of product. 3/4 Stars 

Missha Watery BB - $7.99 eBay/50 ml
Pros: Light to Medium Coverage, SPF 27. Cons: Not for oily skin.

{white tube pictured above} - If you are needing light to medium or coverage in the summer...this bb cream will do just that. My favorite BB cream of all this is the Watery version because it is light and has a cooling affect on the skin. As you apply it, little water bubbles form and leave you with a cooling sensation. Now coverage is decent and it does oxide from a grey to your natural shade quicker than the perfect cover. The scent is very light compared to the perfect cover and after I set it with my Lancome powder, it does not transfer. I enjoy using this in the summer and I've gone through 2 bottles of this product. 3.5/4 Stars 

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream #2 - $20 (I got it for free as a gift.)/25 ml
Pros: Light to Medium Coverage, a true "All In One". Cons: No skin care benefits, price tag. Weird scent. NOT for extremely sensitive skin (grimy texture to begin with and is smooth later for application)

{sliver tube pictured above}- I actually have a love/hate relationship with this product. I like the simplicity of this product. I don't have to apply a primer/base this is an overall All In One. The color adapts to your skin after you start rubbing it onto the skin. The color breaks from the shell, mixing with the white base and gives you an over all natural, kind of dewy look. What I do not like about it is that it has no skin care benefits in it. I'm talking legit skin care, other than moisturizing the skin. Also, for the price it has less product, 25 ML for $20 compared to Missha. I overall like how it works, but for the price I was expecting more. 2.5/4 stars

I hope this review was useful, have a happy 2013! 


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