New Blog Design & Videos!

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After a couple hours of gathering previous memories of using HTML and photoshop, I finally re-did the layout. I'm missing a slide show on top under the header, but that will be up as soon as I get pictures from the shoot.
Also...I'm trying to organize links as well, so it will be a matter of days before I would be completed. Other then that, how does it look?
I was kind of OCD and I made it match my youtube channel somewhat. So...why the sudden change? To be truthful, the last layout bore me to pieces and it wasn't an independent layout per- say. It was hard to customize it to my liking so I went with a different direction.

Recently, I posted two videos on my channel. If you would like to watch them, go to "Videos" on this blog and the player will play every video I ever uploaded on my channel.

The first being a huge haul from Dallas, I was extremely happy with the shopping trip and thankfully it spared my wallet {thank you sales!}. I visited the Dallas Galleria as well as the Allen Premium Outlets.
I think the best memories I had was at the Aquarium, here are some tidbit shots.

My most recent video is an open box review & comparison of this month's Birchbox and Ipsy's My Glam Bag. This video is also located in the "Video" section of this blog. I will say, by next month I hope to cancel one of the beauty subscriptions out of the three I order every month. Glossy Box is my favorite if you are interested in signing up for a subscription! Anyways, it's time for me to relax, I have long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of the new format :) ~Cathy


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