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Dress was $10 at H&M, score!
In years past, I was always the one person who would simply dye my hair one color (cool light red or cool light brown). This year I was risky with my long locks and decided to do ever famous Ombre effect, at home. Prior to this, I had called and asked a few salons how much it would cost to ombre my hair; $150-$300 they said. Seriously?! Thus my adventure to the drugstore began and ta-da! 

The reason why I wanted to ombre my hair: 1. I was tired of my previous style, 2. The time was right, 3. I wanted dimension & something that would be more noticeable to people, yet approachable & not so crazy. 

**If you are going to be doing this at home yourself, understand that my hair might be different from yours and the outcome may or may not be the same. My hair is medium, not too thin, not too thick. Also...this process takes 3 days, but you can do it all in one day if you like but that will equal lots hair damage.**

So how did I achieve this? What did I use before, after, then on? 

First, by going to the drugstore and purchasing two packages of hair coloring kits from the drugstore (cost me $12). I purchased the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color LB1 Ultra Light Cool Blonde & L'oreal Feria Extra Bleach Blonde 205. The Garnier kit does not contain bleach, but does 
lighten your hair without it. The L'oreal kit does contain bleach and it smells horrendous to the max! 

Second, came home and went straight to the bathroom. My hair was unwashed 2 days prior to this. I used the Gariner kit first. After mixing your hair color, I recommend pouring it into a salon bowl and use a brush to apply the color. Then, tie your hair into two sections, like loose pigtails. Also, when applying...the messier, the better. Now, start applying the color to the BOTTOM ends of your hair first, but only two inches up the pigtails and let it sit for 10. After the 10 minutes is up, apply it to the next 3 inches and wait 10 minutes. The lastly, once your have reach near the top of your hair ties, take them out and apply the hair color to the last inches. I went up to where my hair meets my brows. Total waiting time...was about 40-50 minutes for me & my hair is LONG >_< & as followed, rinse off the coloring product and then I washed my hair using the Nexus Color Assure Radiant Color Care Shampoo ($12, drugstores). I wash mainly the top of my head and I spread the suds down my hair, but never to the ends. Then I used the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask ($5, drugstores).  I used this only on half of my hair, otherwise there will be too much gunk on my hair for the morning, thus weighing it down. 
The result was lighter hair, but definitely NOT BLONDE as the model. I would say I reached a noticeably lighter shade of brown. Which brings me to....

Last,Two days later...I then used the L'oreal kit. My hair was unwashed one day prior to this. {NEVER bleach your hair if you had already washed it the same day, give it 24 hours and the coloring will be better and it will save your scalp from irritation.} Mix the products, poured it into the bowl and did the same steps I did previously, but some adjustments. Basically...pigtails, starting from the bottom 3 inches + 10 minutes, next 4 inches + 10 minutes, last 4 inches + 10 minutes = Total waiting time of 30 minutes. I also made note to add some of the dye to the ends of my bangs (which I forgot to mention I cut) & rinse, wash, and condition using the same products as stated above. 

And finally! The results I wanted and was so excited for! xD 

So if you are curious in doing the ombre, I hope my experience has helped you in some way. Whether is was saving you some $$ or giving technique ideas for an easier experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 


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  1. Can u please upload a video tutorial on haiw to do it please

  2. so scared about doing this, I have really dark brown hair naturally and scared it will go so wrong!

  3. after you have covered all of your hair, do you let it sit, or immediately go wash it out?