15 Things You Don't Know About Me!

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I realized recently that I do not do tags very often. So to make things...interesting ;)
I decided I will do the infamous "15" facts about me that you or my friends may or may not know about me. Let's begin!

  1. I've never broken a bone in my life. I have sprained both ankles at once during track.  
  2. I go nuts when someone grinds their teeth or when someone screeches their nails on something, it urks me like no other & I cannot explain why.
  3. I've only had 3 boyfriends (that actually count), my whole life. Currently dating one, so does that mean I've only had two?! I was a pretty smart middle student thinking ahead on my relationships with boys. If I date someone, its always for a long term ordeal, other wise...he's a waste of time, emotions, and basically life. I don't ever want to write about a fling, I want a special kind of thing :) ...I never had a one month relationship with any guy, it always lasted a year plus plus before we parted ways due to him moving or that we found it better to just be friends. Oh yeah! We always broke up mutual. Which leads me to this next fact:
  4. When I was in middle school, I was pretty mature for my age. I always thought (according to my middle school journal)... If you are a genuine human being to me, I think we're okay. I also figured out that I was a romantic at that age. I wanted so badly to grow up and be in a relationship that would last forever...like the thick books I read...I wanted to travel, I felt like a 20 year old living in a 11 year old's body. I would manifest in my dreams to a time when I was older and when I woke up I was so upset and I'd cry about being 11. Seriously...at 11 people. 
  5. I believe, that if I meet a person who I seem to have chemistry with twice, then its fate. Whether it's a friendship or possible romance. I'm not sure how to deal with it if it was a romance kind of thing, but you can't fake that feeling. Its an attraction I can't explain. God is giving me signals to move forward IF that happens. 
  6. When I was in kindergarten, I fell down a flight of stairs. I am alive miraculously. I mean....If I can with stand 18 steps of death, I can conquer the world! 
  7. My previous house, I swear was haunted. Which is probably why I am fascinated by ghost stories, movies, and shows. 
  8. I'm terrible at math, but I'm good at finances...the hell?!
  9. When I sleep, I always have to have my feet covered, I'm always afraid of something grabbing them when I'm asleep. 
  10. I had the "Story of Us" by Taylor Swift moment, actually happen in real life and I was the most confused person that whole year. It happen in 11th grade and this guy use to sit in front of me and english...and then in religion...and every single class I had that year. I know for a fact that he knew that something was going on, but I know that it would never work unless he broke some rules...in which he didn't. I still wonder "what if" sometimes, but if it was never meant to be...I guess it was never suppose to work. Oh! 15 is my lucky number and his was 14...also odd. Also odd-errr...that was the year I found that 15 was my lucky number. 
  11. I had 8 teeth pulled out in a day, took a nap, and woke up 2 hours later as if nothing happened. Strong will perhaps? 
  12. I have a scar under my chin from roller blading in the house. I almost went to the hospital to get stitches, but the bleeding stopped and now it's just a memory. 
  13. I'm addicted to shooting games. Counter strike...call of duty, blame my brother for that. 
  14. I once ate a penny and a nickel when I was 4..5? I was curious >.< 
  15. I so badly...want to be a korean variety show with big bang. SO. FREAKING. BADLY.  
Bonus! I have a potty mouth. I cuss ALL THE TIME. F-bombs and I are...frequent. 
So there was a thing or...15 about me. 


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