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As most of you are well aware, the fourteenth of February is right around the corner. Its a day of "courtly love". I remember in elementary school, it was a day of cards, cookies, and candy (C.C.C. for the V)! Now that I am an adult it isn't as important to celebrate because you can love someone everyday without having specific date to show that special someone.
This is a tag meant for couples that has been going around on youtube recently. My Mister is too camera shy to film with me (wahh!) so I am doing this solo... Feel free to answer the questions!

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  1. Describe Love. To Me, love is an emotion...that gradually builds upon layers like a cake. I would say the easiest to describe it in my perspective is...If I was craving donuts at 5am, I would want us to go far out of town to grab a box full. Its exciting, an adventure, and lastly...its undeniably sweet. 
  2. Do you believe in Love at first sight?  I have my hands tied with this question...its all about timing and patience. If I felt chemistry instantly with someone I just met, its an attraction I can't explain. It might be love or it just be lust. I'm a girl, so my emotions like to play scrabble in my mind.  
  3. Who was your first love? I do not remember my first official love. I was probably extremely young...and it was probably not love with a might have been sweets. I have a sweet tooth. I know...I'm a fat ass. adult answer....*drum roll* it was in 8th grade. He was my first "accidental" kiss and my first heartbreak. After that I fucking hated boys. LOL. ...I told myself I would not date until I was 100% content with a person who was growing up, going through changes, and who was always reminiscing about romantic things that never could of happened to a 8th grader (like those damn korean dramas...DAMN YOU for brain washing me!). Junior year, I think and I started dating but I did not have a real relationship until senior year. 
  4. Should you look for your first love? Love is all around, I mean you don't have to look because he might find you :) ( those lying korean dramas) It doesn't hurt to look, but I believe in fate...because I'm silly, hopeful, and I believe in fairy tales. Yes, I'm THAT kind of person. 
  5. Does looks or age matter? Looks...well he/she WILL get old and wrinkly with time LOL. I suppose it would not matter...just shave and not be so smelly around me :D & Age...I personally think age matters. 4/5 years difference is the max my brain can mentally handle. I've seen on t.v. young um... "women" (I.E. ladies who lust for the $$$ over the love) who marry an old wanka (brit term, cause I like to think I'm brit lol). Ugh...sad.  
  6. How do you cope with jaded love? With heartbreak, you learn from the experiences and hope that you'll never meet a shit head like that guy ever again. I mean why be with someone who does not love you and mistreats you? I believe that he should treat me like a princess, not all fancy and lavish, those corny things I see in the movies that make me smile, but cry in real time/life because I want those things to happen & they haven't happened yet....OHHHH MY GOD i'm a complicated human being. 
That is all ~ Cathy (the hopeless romantic >.<") 


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