Bizarre Weather, Memories, & Daydreaming | As Told By Cathy

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Its out of my norm to post similar about similar topics (diary style entries). At the moment, I have a lot on my mind.
She (my mind)  is restless and the weather is not helping her settle down. 
Let't start from the beginning...there is a bizarre blizzard amongst us in Kansas.  First it snowed. Now its thundering, lighting is flashing, and of course more snow is coming down. I suppose the outcome is that if you live in Kansas, the weather will be spontaneous everyday. I swear to you it was 70 degrees a few days ago...what the fuck happened? I don't know...maybe there a war in the heavens!! 
Although I hate the cold factor of snow, I find the white blanket of ice quite memorable. It brings me back to a place that just makes me, happy. Its incredibly odd, I'm probably just as bipolar as the weather. Anyways, I find myself daydreaming about walking outside with my coat and boots... just breathing in the cold air. With every breath I take, the happier I am. Everything is covered in white ice and its bright and quiet...the best part are the trees. I hope to once day move to a place where I can experience blankets of snow and frosted trees. (sighs)

I remember the year I got an iPod Nano for christmas, every song I played during winter time was very acoustic and classical. One Republic's Stop and Stare is THE song I turn to when it snows.

Another daydream I had was quiet odd...I would be sitting in a cafe and it would be snowing (obviously). Seeing people rushing in and out, as I notice a glimpse of their eyes...they looked tired and out of range from the present moment. Then I would pull focus, away from the daydream and realize how distracted I am from actual living, you know?

I'm should probably take a cat nap (HAHA), but I end up watching shows on netflicks.
Good day ~ Cathy


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