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It's a wondrous thing to have a section of space that is dedicated to your needs. Since I do not have my own "girl cave" yet, I created a space that joined two basic functions together and made it what it is vanity & workspace.

To sum this area of my room up, it consists of my workspace for school as well as my makeup collection and film/editing/blogging station. This space is much loved and is used everyday so adding some key touches of my personal style was something I incorporated into this section.

   >>From a distance, it looks rather like a typical workspace. My desk/table is actually a vanity table I took apart. Its hard to find small desks so using this method was a great choice. Shelving above provides storage for practically anything when there is no added or extra floor space.

Product Information: 
Vanity - I have no idea, it was a gift but you can search for similar ones online.
Lamp - From Target, again a gift but Mister told me he got it for $15 at the time. Lighting is very important when it comes to making videos as well as when I have homework to do. I love how this lamp has 3 different settings.
Shelving - Target. Drawer set {under the desk} is from Walmart. Desk Accessories - TJ Maxx & Ross.

<< This piece of storage was extremely inexpensive and functional. It was $18-$19, personally I wanted the non-colorful one. However it was unavailable at the time and this unit was the last of its kind in the store. I could have gotten the set of the single 3 drawer units that look just like this one and stack two together, but the cost would of been $24-$25.
As much as I love looks, this unit is for practicality. The much loved Ikea Alex drawer sets are also quite nice, but I didn't want to spend over $100 on makeup storage for this room.
Best part of all, they fit perfectly underneath the table.

DIY projects are on of my favorite things to do. >>
This was a repurpose project that is totally useful.
To create this piece click here :)
Originally, I was going to purchased some magnetic strips from Land of the Nod or CB2 (both are crate and barrel companies meant for kid spaces & the other has modern furnishings), until I decided to reuse what I already created. It's genius and great for hanging pretty much anything like pictures, memos, and a ring of hair ties.

Endless possibilities and assortments of colors.

Hopefully this inspires you to create a functional space whether its in a small bedroom or for your own cave. Good luck! ~ Cathy

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