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I don't know about you, but I LOVE sheet masks. Due to their popular skin benefits and easy on & off application, why wouldn't they be a hit? Unlike traditional rub on application masks, these masks hold in their unique blend of skin benefits with the help of the sheet. They also help circulate blood flow to your face because when you initially place the mask on your face, its cooling.

Maskeraid sent me a couple masks in a beautiful ribbon tied box to test out. Out of the 6 they sent me, I tried 3 and they have been fabulous!

Initially I thought to myself, like any other beauty conscience gal, what makes Maskeraid different from the current sheet masks I have been using?
Maskeraid masks are formulated using concentrated Argan oil base serum.

They are also formulated without ingredients that can conflict with your health, such as parabens, mineral oils, and artificial fragrances just to name a few. My skin is sensitive to heavily scented products and scented products has been the main concern for many beauty products in the industry for irritation. 
Each mask comes with cute artwork on the package that intertwines with the characteristics of the mask, how adorable right?  So far I have tried "I don't wanna grow up", "All Nighter", and "Beauty Restore". I can not pick a favorite out of the three because they cater to different skin needs, so I love all of them! Each made my face feel supple and fresh. I also did not breakout or had any skin irritations from using these masks. I hope they create more to add on to the variety they already have! I'm totally obsessed with them ;) 

So for all of you who need a pamper, disguise yourself with benefits using Maskeraid
<3 Cathy 
{Product was sent for consolidation. This is not a sponsored post.}


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