Life's a Beach | Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover {Under $75}

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For the past week I've been finishing up school and this inexpensive bathroom remodel. If you cannot tell by the Picframe, the theme is Beachy. This post will have all the details to this DIY transformation! I will be lacking on the demonstration pictures because I accidentally deleted them while I was backing up my external hard drive. Over all this remodel cost me $73

THE 411: My bathroom has had the same color scheme since we moved in the summer of 2005. The colors were blue, green, and turquoise. My brother recently moved to California and with him gone, its technically my own personal bathroom until he comes back (this bathroom was ours in share). However, I wanted to keep this bathroom simple, clean, and open to all visitors since its also a guest bathroom.

1. Theme & Cheap Shopping Thrills 
I struck gold at Target ya'lls! Okay not really, but I did find items perfect for this bathroom. On the shopping trip, I picked up a pack of 4 knobs on clearance for $4 {originally $15}, 2 washcloths that were discounted for $8 for guests, a towel rod which was on clearance for $10 {originally $19}, and the most amazing ombre blue bath curtain for $19! I also got a sea foam colored bathmats for $5 & $6 at Wally World (walmart) that were also on clearance! Shopping total for accessories...$52!

2. Demolition
So I spent a good hour cleaning every nook and cranny of this bathroom. There was not much to takeout and move around honestly, but the mess under the sink was HELL. After I had cleared everything out, then I moved on with my life ;) I kept the same paint color as before because I personally think it goes will with the Beach theme.

3. You wouldn't believe this $25 countertop DIY
While I was searching for inexpensive bathroom DIYs, I stumbled upon a blog called thebewitchinkitchen and found an amazing project for the bathroom. $25 Bathroom Countertop OMG. I followed the steps on her blog to achieve the beautiful counter. I did kinda cheated, I used a spray polyurethane instead of the canned version because it was much cheaper, bring my countertop costs to $21. The whole project took up 3 days of my time, but it was totally worth it. My parents can not even tell it what the old counter looks like! Another looks like sand. Sand + get where I'm going with this?
That texture is...uh-huh amazing!
3. Piecing It Together
Some things I added to the bathroom that did not cost me any extra money? Reusing and repurposing items I already had around the house. Example would be some candle jars, seashells I had for years, and I even found a Finding Nemo Dory toy under my sink lol! I also moved my "bookshelf" to the bathroom for storage. If you can recall my previous videos, I used this piece to store books and small things. 
Add decor, minus the cost. 
I reused a picture frame I already had from my bedroom. The glass jars were once candle jars, I froze them, took out the wax, and rinse them with soap and warm water. The jars now hold seashells that I've had for ages.
I spy, four #15s. Can you spot them?
I also had time to paint a coral mural on the wall. It's not the best looking painting, but likewise it's not completed just yet. & I did not use a stencil its a free handed painting! 

4. Appreciating the Investment
 Let's be a little conceited here...I will say every time I walk into this space, I'm extremely proud of myself. Bathroom makeovers are good investments for those of you who are in the process of selling your home, first impressions are key. 

If you enjoyed the process, watch the tour for yourself in the "Video" section of this blog for the overall appearance. 


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  1. i like your Beach Bathroom! I think i going to start my bathroom project too! thanks for the idea :D

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and linking back! Your results are great! I would have spray poly'd too, but my hardware store was out :S

  3. Great ideas, I'd like to redo my bathroom after I redo mo room. Of course I have to scrub it raw first. lol