Finals Week! Body & Skin Prep Tips & Tricks

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It's officially almost the worst week in college next to midterms, FINALS *insert dramatic music*. Finals = stress and its terrible for you internally and let's be honest here...externally. 

Prepare yourself! Here is my guide for body & skin survival for the week to come. Thank me later ;)

During finals that is! It's a given that there are certain foods that can increase your study productivity. I know its hard to compromise with time, but make an effort to eat well. DO snack on brain boosting foods such as carrots, onions, broccoli, and mushrooms. These veggies help retain your memory by keeping your brain hydrated. DO also eat fruit such as berries, which contain antioxidants and they also boost motor skills.  DO NOT eat ramen or heavily saturated in salt foods. We all know ramen and fast food is a quick meal alternative, but eating it while you study is a no-no. These food items make you drowsy and let's face it...its not good for you anyways. Try fish! Salmon is filled with rich fatty acids and omega 3's, its very good for your body and your skin! Tofu is a great choice as well because it helps your cognitive functions such as improving your memory. Also avoid chips, jerky, and candies. Instead substitute fruit such as apples and frozen grapes! If you are wanting something salty, try nuts. Nuts are packed with omega 3s, vitamin e, and antioxidants. If you are craving something sweet, try dark chocolate. Chocolate is tasty and it enhances your mood! It also helps with improving your verbal and visual memory. All these alternatives are tasty yet oh so satisfying for your noggin.

I am well aware of the amount of energy drinks and coffee my friends intake. Yes energy drinks and coffee keep you awake, but it does not necessarily keep you focus. It increases your heart rate and simple just makes you want to jump on tables and act crazy. Improvise during finals week and keep your heart healthy. Once again, we turn to vegetable and fruit juices! Also if you are into tea try to avoid the extremely sweet bottles such as Snapple or Brisk just to name a few. Hot tea is refreshing and you can add an alternative sweetener like Stevia for some sweet. Soy milk is another winner because o it boosts your brain's memory. & the best studying fluid, plain and simple H2O...umm that's water folks.

With the stress running through your system, as much as your insides need TLC {tender, love, care}, your appearance is also taking it's course. If you are up all night studying your brains out, do yourself a favor and pamper while you study. DO try sheet masks. Sheet masks are a quick and easy way to beautify your skin {I recently reviews some HERE}. They help circulate blood flow to your face giving you a brighter complexion, as well as waking you up. The secret is the cold application. I like to pop some masks in the fridge to keep them cool before I apply them. DO shower and wash up when you are feeling exhausted or sleepy. Showers wake your body up and relaxes it. Rinse your face in cold water create blood circulation to the face, instantly waking you up.

After studying, make sure to at least have some rest. Manage your time well and try to sleep or nap a few hours to rest your brain. DON'T study at the last minute and expect to memorize everything at once, it NEVER works. I personally like to sleep about six hours, wake up, shower, and eat breakfast. The first meal of the day is TOTALLY NECESSARY. DON'T SKIP breakfast!  Carbs will give you energy such as whole wheat pancakes and toast, fresh fruit, and dairy products.

Prepare yourself and keep away from things that will increase your stress levels like high doses of caffeine. If you are in a hurry to get ready, skip out on applying your usual full face routine. When I am in a hurry, I wear my glasses usually. Makeup wise, I apply moisturizer & use concealer to cover imperfections, and head out. DO wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It's finals week guys, not a fashion show. Also carry with your brain boosting foods to snack on throughout the day to keep your body going.

Good luck to all of you preparing for finals! I hope you ace them (:
<3 Cathy


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