Lash Clump Them | CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara Review

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Did you get that? Lash clump them? Well I thought it was cute ;)

I'm the kind of girl who cannot without mascara. If anything, I could wear mascara and bb cream everyday no questions asked. Now there has been a lot of Lash Blast about this mascara lately. I'm talking about the Clump Crusher Mascara by Covergirl.

Personally I am not very fond of the Lash Blast line simple because the brush does not work well with my eye type. The standard brush head was straight, thick, and made my lashes droop.

The new addiction to the Covergirl family has a rather interesting brush head. It is curved shaped with multiple rubber bristles that catch almost every single lash. Which is great for my eye type {finally Covergirl}!

Does it work? 
Yes. It does glide though my lashes leaving very little clumps. It works best on my top lashes, for my bottom lashes I found the wand difficult to maneuver through. 
It does give an interesting amount of volume. Nether the less...I had no Problems with the formula. It lasted 10 hours with no smudging or flakes. Flaking mascara is the most annoying thing to me since I am an avid contact lens wearer. 

It gives off some length, but don't expect too much. 

Does it "CLUMP" the competition? 
I would say no. There are better mascaras than this one in particular that offer better volume, such as the Benefit They're Real Mascara {I LOVE this one}.  

YAYS {the good}
- Decent amount of volume 
- No flakes or smudges 
- Good for contact lens wearers 

NAYS {obviously bad}
- Not meant for lower lash line 
- Wand is still as tricky to use as ever, like the rest of the lash blast line
- Can clump depending on how you use it 

Repurchase? Yes. 
Recommend? For all eye types! 

After I finish this mascara, I'm going to try the Rocket by Maybelline.
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  2. where do you go for haircut in wichita ks and who do you see? i love your hair!