Moo Piyasombatul Sunglasses {Fashion DIY}

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Fashion DIY

Have you ever seen Moo Piyasombatul's sunglasses? They are absolutely adorable and pricy for a matter of fact. The collection ranges from  €370.00 - €415.00!!! For a college gal who is kind of on a budget, that will not do. 

A couple of days ago I obtained a fondant mold for cake making. I was watching videos and reading blogs and came up with this idea to create the iconic Moo Eyewear. Of course, they not the most absolute high-end quality, but they are inspired by the original. I made them myself and for that I am proud.   

Things you'll need: 

Mold (I used a fondant mold for cakes) 
Sunglasses (I got the polka dot one from target for $3!) 
Oven Bake Clay (Michael's $0.87 per pack) 
Glue Gun or Epoxy 
Small Cutting Tool
Clear Top Coat or Varnish 

Follow the instructions as seen in my recent video! 

Good Luck - Cathy 


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