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Almost everyone knows I have a silly little dog named Tobi.
On Easter Sunday, we were accompanied by Lina and her sister at a local nature center for a photo shoot session.
We currently both being featured on Lina's Petlense Photography  blog, check out her site and tell her I sent you :)

Since the weather in Kansas is unpredictable, we had to skip about 2 weeks from the original date due to snow and rain for this shoot. When it was finally time, the weather was quite perfect. Spring just arrived and so nothing is currently blooming just yet.

After taking some time for Tobi to adjust to the environment, we started with photos with him & I walking amongst the pathway and fields. Lina had brought note cards with ideas for the session as well as treats to bribe Tobi to corporate with us.

Here are some of the pictures I chose. Of course there are more on the Penlense website!

During the session we both contributed ideas and as well as where to take photos in the scenery. We took a natural approach to this photo shoot and took any direction we were feeling at the time. The day overall was lovely, I only wished the flowers had bloomed in time!  

It did take very long to receive the photos from Lina. She gave me the rest of the images on file to choose which ones I liked as well as a separate file that she edited personally with her favorite shots. She also gave me a few prints, which was very thoughtful! I am overall happy with the images Lina took. She has a motive when it comes to taking photography, but she also loves animals. She treated Tobi well and I bet he would not mind working with her again. She is also a good friend and I'm thankful she chose me and Tobi to be her models :) 

If you are interested in having a session with Lina visit her Petlense or her Facebook page

- Cathy

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