Cathy's Life: Blogger Meet Up, Vacations, and July 4th & More!

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As I approach my keyboard, fingers all in tact from the July 4th weekend I might add, I find that time has gone by so quickly. These past few weeks have been tremendously fun, long, spontaneous, and of course tiring.

First off, as you can see from the lack of blog posts and videos...I've been taking frequent trips to Kansas City KS & MO. I first ventured up there with Mister for relaxing weekend away from work and to do silly couple things.
My second trip was with my friend/my blog photographer Thai Binh, who attend my first blogger meet up with me! Basically, all the local bloggers gather together, converse, give blogging advice, and have some fun. I'm fresh out of the package new so I tend to be hazy and shy, but I tried my best to establish new horizons.

Totally an almost Instagram Moment. I tried a slushy alcoholic drink 
& hummus from Snow & CO. It was scrumptious 

I also met Sarah from
The lighting in terrible, I sorry! 

The third time I was up & about in the KC area, was last week. I know...I'm killing you guys with my trips. Anyways, it was a last minute thing with my Mister and his little brother in celebration of his 20th, he wanted to go on a road trip.  Though his birthday wasn't until July 4th, we had a blast! 
We had a bash at my house in honor of his 20th and dude...we went ALL OUT this year with  BBQ, drinks, and cake cake cake.
These crazy men spent over $1,000 on explosive sparkles. 
I enjoyed lighting them up though. 

So tomorrow will be my 4th trip up to the KC area folks. I know, right? I should just move on up there and live the life of a Jayhawker. Well I thought about it. Haven't considered it yet, but we'll see where college takes me. 

At the moment, I am constantly working on my blog and creating new exciting video ideas for the amazing 10k of you! So as of now, I am working on a Back to College series which collides budge friendly yet fabulous style into your college dorms and apartments. Look forward to the series towards the end of July to Early August folks! There is still more in store, but I am keeping those things under wraps. Until next time, I will be filming a video on Wednesday & Thursday for you all! 

P.S. Look forward to more beauty reviews, a more organized blog, and more giveaways! 


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