My Vanity/Office Makeover {DIYs & Cheap Finds}

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For almost two years now, my workspace has been though several modifications. Don't ask me what I've done, its the past now! BUT now more than ever I need more space in this tight section of my bedroom for doing videos, blogging, and of course homework because...duh I'm in college.
Enjoy the fantastic money saving DIYs and tips ;) as well as canid pictures of my $35 transformation.

DIY Shower Curtain Panels/Room Divider:

So I'm the kind of person who randomly gets ideas and acts upon them, this was one of them. I was at target and I actually looking for a curtain rod, until I came to the realization of using shower curtains as curtain panels as seen in Ikea catalogs. Shower curtains are cheaper than regular window curtains {$14.99 VS $24.99}. This is so ideal because its washable and you get more for your money.

You will need:
-Shower Curtain {fabric kind, mine is from target} -  $14.99
-Screw in Hooks - $2
-Yard Stick

This DIY is all about measurement and precise cutting. After cutting out 4 panels {about 8 1/2" wide and keep the length as is}. Then take the hooks and screw them into the celling. Lastly hang your curtain, its simple because there are usually holes in shower curtains.

DIY Containers for ECT:

There are so many reasons who love target store, this idea is one of them. I purchased these nifty tins in the dollar section. Then went out and bought chalk labels {craft stores}, which is meant for chalk writing but I used my neon dry erase marker instead.

You will need:
-Tins {$1 each}
-Labels of choice {$2.99 for 3 sheets}

Another thing that is awesome about these labels is that you can simply wipe off and re-write onto it when you decide to change its purpose. Its the little details that make me giddy!

DIY Cheap Decor Tidbits & Storage: 

Decor doesn't have to be expensive, repurposing items are a great way to start fresh. Find items at thrift shops, discount stores, and even around the house. Make lackluster items new, make them fierce, and make them yours. 

Boxes For Storage
You Will Need:
-Beauty Subscription Boxes
-Scrapbook Labels

As easy as peel and stick! These boxes are a great way to store random items that always take up the space on your desk. The labels are a nice touch of character and of course you'll know which box contains all those glitter shakers.

Flower Pot
You Will Need:
-A Sugar holder
-Flower of choice
-Glue Gun

Its past life of a sugar holder is no more. This shabby cute container took on a transformation as a flower vase. Take a glue gun and create a sliver dollar size circle on the bottom, then place the flower stem on top. Squeeze about a little more glue to secure and let dry. Lastly, fill with your choice of filler!

If you have any questions on any of these DIYs, feel free to leave a comment. Don't forget to leave a little sparkle where ever you go.


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