Big Eyes Tell Lies? | Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara Review

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If I can only buy one thing while on a makeup binge, its mascara due to its quick expiration date, and ability to make my eyelashes look stealthy! Whatever the case...

There are currently a few new mascaras that launched this summer and I've only purchased one, introducing Big Eyes by Maybelline.
This mascara features duo wands, one for your upper lashes, and one for your bottom lashes.

This creation is quite innovative and practical, but neither-the-less...disappointing.

Let's take a look! 

The first half of the duo is a bristle brush, similar to "The Falsies" wand, but shorter. 

The second half is very itty bitty bristle wand, which does not create clumps! 

This mascara does create a big effect, somewhat. My top lashes looks very much so like "The Falsies" mascara, if it were in effect. It provides length and volume all in one. The second wand creates an amazing bottom lash effect. So what is the problem here?
The formula {this is the non waterproof version}. Everything about the mascara is on key, except after about six hours of wear, it starts to flake on me. Slight flaking is okay, but this one flakes enough to bother my contacts which is a reason for me not to approve it for contact wearers. 

Final thoughts, I do really like this mascara for its multitasking aspects and how it provides the best of 3 worlds; length, volume, and no clumps. I just hope that it does not flake in the future. 


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